Missing Link Blu-Ray Review – ★★★★✩

Certificate – PG
Directed By – Chris Butler
Starring (Voiced By) – Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Zac Galifianakis, Stephen Fry, David Walliams, Timothy Olyphant, Matt Lucas, Amrita Acharia, Emma Thompson.
Running Time – 91 Minutes (1 Hour 31 Minutes)

They may not be a big animation studio monsters like Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros Animation but Laika continues to prove why this underdog should have more and more eyes on them.

As Laika has some of the most original and beautifully created animation seen on screen and in Missing Link they’ve raised the bar once again and it should be an Oscar contender.

Image via Laika

What Is Missing Link About?

The film follows brave and dashing adventurer Sir Lionel Frost (Jackman) who considers himself as the world’s most foremost investigator of myths and monsters, the issue is no one believes him.

Until he gets the chance to prove himself and travels to American’s Pacific Northwest and meets Mr Link (Galifianakis), who’s the last of his kind and believes Sir Lionel is one man who can help him seek out Link’s distant relatives in Shangri-La.

To get there they need the help of the independent and resourceful Adelina Fortnight (Saldana), who possesses the only known map to the group’s secret destination.

Image via Laika

Is It Any Good?

This is a Laika movie, so yes this is a great movie and perfect to watch as a family or even as a date night because there’s plenty of kids and adults to enjoy.

The thing that catches the eye is the jaw-dropping animation and this is easily the productions most beautiful film to date from the design of Mr Link to how they created the sea, it was seriously close to real life.

What helps getting so immerse in this world is the lovely and fun 19th-century buddy story which is brilliantly performed by Jackman and Galifianakis, who this wonderful odd couple partnership going throughout the film.

Image via Laika

Galifianakis’ Mr Link is the heart of the film and the actor does such a lovely job of showcasing that on-screen with just his voice.

Meanwhile, Saldana help brings the story together and shows what Jackman’s Sir Lionel has in front of him.

Elsewhere, the comedy in this film is fantastic and again a perfect balance for both kids and adults as there are moments in the film I laughed out loud.

Anything Bad About The Film?

While it is beautiful, full of heart, funny and charming. It’s just not as poignant or memorable as Laika’s previous outing Kubo and the Two Strings.

It’s not to say Missing Link is a bad movie, it’s not I enjoyed it massively. It was just missing their own link.

Image via Laika

As The Blu-Ray Got Any Special Features?

Yes. It’s pack with them and all worth watching.

Audio Commentary by writer/director Chris Butler,
Creating Mr. Link,
Bringing the final battle on the ice bridge to life,
Animation Inspiration, with optional commentary by Chris Butler,
VFX Breakdown Reel – Realizing the potential of stop motion,
Oh What A Mystery: Pulling the camera back on Missing Link’s magic,
Making Faces,
Inside the magic of Laika


Missing Link is Laika’s most beautiful film to date with great performances by Jackman and Gailfiankis who are both charming and funny. It’s just not their best film.

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