Booksmart Review – ★★★★★

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Olivia Wilde
Starring – Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis
Running Time – 102 Minutes (1 Hour 42 Minutes)

If last year’s teen sex comedy Blockers was this generation’s American Pie, Booksmart is 100% this generation’s Superbad and it would make a fantastic double bill.

What Is Booksmart About?

Best friends and A grade students Molly (Feldstein) and Amy (Dever) thought having a clean and safe time throughout high school would them the leg up over their party-loving peers. However, on the eve of graduation, they get a reality check that those some students will also be going to brilliant colleges and jobs once they leave school too.

Determined to make up for their lost time the duo decide to cram four years worth of partying in one night of fun.


Is It Any Good?

YES! This movie is a wonderful, delightful, funny with a beautifully told story about friendship.

I have no reason why this movie won’t end up in my top 10 list of best films this year.

Before we get to the cracking fantastic leads, we must talk about director Wilde. This incredibly talented filmmaker has created a cult classic in her first time of helming a feature film.

Wilde brings these leads and characters to life and directs beautifully and I won’t be surprised if she follows the footsteps of other actor-directors by only stepping out behind the camera for a role or two and instead focus on being a filmmaker first.


This is also the most wokest film I think I’ve seen but it never once smash you over the head telling you how woke it is.

It’s a film that loves everyone of its characters and will please a lot of people who go and see this film. GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE!

While it is too earlier to say Booksmart is a cult classic before its release to the general public, it’s hard to see it go anywhere but to that status.

The comedy in the film is smart with some gross out stuff but overall generally funny and had me laughing throughout.

Feldstein and Dever are just delightful and you bought the minute we saw them on screen together they had an unbreakable friendship, but similar to Superbad and Bridesmaids we see their friendship tested.

Funny Best Friends GIF by Booksmart - Find & Share on GIPHY

Both actresses are going to have fantastic careers and a lot of the humour comes from these two.

However, the biggest laughs were towards Lourd who has fantastic comedic timing and body comedy.


Anything Bad About This Film?

This is literally my only nip-picky issue and it’s so little that no one should care because it’s only those who like this sort of thing.

However, I didn’t like the music or soundtrack and while I know a lot of people will like the music in the film, there are some good beats, it was something I couldn’t get into.


Booksmart is a funny, wonderful, beautiful, delightful movie that everyone should see.

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